2017/2018 CATS FC Teams/Coaches


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Boys Teams      
U8 Boys Purple (’10) TBD    
U9 Boys Purple (’09) Geo Gonzalez    
U10 Boys Purple (’08) Rebeka Wissink    
U11 Boys Purple (’07) Bung Jin Lee  Randy Tran  
U11 Boys White (’07) Tom Kribs    
U12 Boys Purple (’06) Randy Tran  Mindy Erny  
U13 Boys Purple (’05) Natalie McHale    
U14 Boys Purple (’04) TBD    
U15 Boys Purple (’03) Randy Tran    
U16/U17 Boys Purple (’01/’02) TBD    
Girls Teams      
U8 Girls Purple (’10) Tom Kribs    
U9 Girls Purple (’09) Alice Linsell  Natalie McHale  
U10 Girls Purple (’08) TBD    
U11 Girls Purple (’07) Barb Bluhm    
U12 Girls Purple (’06) Natalie McHale    
U12 Girls White (’06) Taylor Genzink    
U13 Girls Purple (’05) Kayla Diemer    
U14 Girls Purple (’04) Jordan Haynes    
U14 Girls White (’04) TBD    
U15 Girls Purple (’03) TBD    
U16/17 Girls Purple (’01/’02) Randy Tran  Mindy Erny  
U18/19 Girls Purple (’99/’00) Barb Bluhm    

Note: Coaches are subject to change