2019/2020 CATS FC Fees

Player fees do not include the player uniform, which will need to be purchased separately.





















 In addition to the above, the fees for ALL CATS Teams include the following:

  • League Fees (i.e. GVSA, etc.)
  • MSYSA Fees (Member of USYS & USSF)
  • Coach’s Pay
  • 4-day CATS Team Camp (for Fall teams)
  • 8 games per season
  • Practice Fields rental
  • Game Fields rental
  • Field Maintenance
  • Training Equipment
  • Referees Fees
  • Referee Assignor Fees
  • Coaching Director
  • All Administrative Costs
  • Club Insurance
  • 15% UCCELLO’s CATS discount card

Individual CATS teams may opt to do additional indoor league play, tournaments, training, etc. beyond what is covered in their registration. The costs associated with these activities would be in addition to the club fees and handled by the teams themselves. The traveling expenses of coaches for activities beyond what is included in their fees would also be covered by the teams themselves. 

* Fee listed is for paid in full payments. Payment plans are available for an additional fee.