How much ‘Travel’ in involved with your Travel Soccer?
For CATS FC Select teams, the vast majority of the travel is within West Michigan. The younger teams will likely have all their games within metro Grand Rapids. Older teams (U12 and up) may have games in Muskegon or on the Lakeshore, but that’s the exception rather than the rule.

Some teams might participate in tournaments in Kalamazoo, Lansing, or similar destinations.

What’s the difference between CATS Select, Academy and Premier teams? How is this different than AYSO?
For most players, their first exposure to soccer begins with AYSO and/or YMCA recreational leagues. This a great way to learn about soccer, and for a number of players, all the soccer they need. For those players that need ‘more’ than what AYSO can offer, that’s where Travel or Select soccer comes in.

CATS FC is a travel soccer club that offers several levels of competition. Select is our first level. Teams practice twice a week, with 8 games in the fall and 8 in the spring.

CATS FC Academy teams are still ‘Select’ teams, but are teams that have committed to year round training. In addition to the 16 game schedule, Academy teams participate in several tournaments as well as winter training and winter league play.

Depending on the age group, CATS FC may also offer Premier teams. Premier is the next level of competition. It begins at U13. Premier is similar to Academy, but also includes potentailly out of state tournaments and State Cup participation.

What do my CATS registration fee cover?
The registration fee covers the cost of all of the player’s games for both the Fall and Spring seasons. Depending on the age of the team, the registration may include a tournament.

What other costs are there?
Some teams will elect to play in additional tournaments and do off-season training or league (indoor) play, which would result in an additional costs for Select teams. For Academy or Premier teams, these costs are included.

Does the registration fee include the cost of uniforms?
Yes and No, but mostly No. For most teams, the registration fee does NOT cover uniforms and players must purchase uniform kits. CATS’ Premier and high school half year teams do have uniform costs worked into their registration fee structure.

If my team decides to play an additional tournament, how much will it cost?
The price is determined by the hosting organization, and usually varies by age bracket. The registration fee and any related coach expense is split among the players who elect to play in the tournament.

Why should my team consider playing in more than one tournament?
Tournaments are an integral part of a team’s development, as they provide an opportunity for all of our players to see/experience a higher level of competition than what may be available in our home area. Additionally, it is an awesome opportunity for the players, coaches, and parents to get to know each other.