Strength and Conditioning Program


CATS FC is excited to announce the return of Strength and Conditioning!

Focus of the program: The Strength and Conditioning Program, created for youth soccer players, is a sport specific exercise program designed to improve strength, coordination and speed, increase muscle endurance and power, improve sport performance, and prevent injury.

Top 4 reasons why youth soccer players need to participate in strength and conditioning:

1. Confidence: strong and powerful players develop amazing inner strength; they believe they can achieve anything on the field.

2. Speed & Agility: Naturally by slightly increasing a player’s strength and power they will improve speed and footwork on the field. This is a quality that all coaches at any level look for in a player. Does the athlete have a quick first step to win the ball?

3. Injury Prevention: players need the strength to stop instantly under control and then explosivelychange direction. Not only does strength and conditioning programs make an athlete more explosive and powerful, but it also teaches the athlete how to absorb forces through sport-specific training. The ability for the body to move various joints through various degrees of ranges of motion fluently and free of pain is critical to a decrease in injury incidences.

4. Improves Mental Focus and Strength: Regimented strength and conditioning training has shownto improve a youth’s character development as well. Requiring the focus, attention, and dedication to participate in strength and conditioning will demand the youth to be at his or her best mentally. It is character building.

When – Tuesday Nights – November 8th, November 15th, November 22nd, November 29th, December 6th and December 13th from 7:00-8:00pm

Where – Dutton Elementary Gym, 3820 68th Street, Caledonia 49316

How Much – $60.00/player

Who – CATS Players age U12 and older

Led by CATS FC Assistant Coach, Liz Cancel


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